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Los Angeles based Recording-artist, Neaks is a musician and artist ahead of his time.

Watching his mysterious lifestyle videos, captivating imagery, his street art movement and deciphering his deep lyrics shed light on his powerful viewpoints on life, music, spirit and culture. From being a leading component in the Los Angeles street art movement to demanding presence on local stages, Neaks is much more than an artist or a brand.

At an early age it was evident that Neaks was no ordinary child. His favorite books as a kid were about the theories of higher dimensions called "Hyperspace" and "The Collection of Langston Hughes Poems" which he called his bible. He began writing poetry of his own at age 11 and at age 14 was introduced to breakdancing. That summer, Hip-hop and dance took his soul and his life has never been the same. With influences from Nas, Kid Cudi and MJ, Neaks developed a powerful voice of his own. Between his emotionally intuitive raps and unique melodic tones, he is one of the more versatile artists of 2020.

Neaks would go on to become a founding member of Tastemaker Collective ( &, a prominent lifestyle brand & media platform. With music in one hand and business in the other, it’s safe to say that Neaks is poised to be one of the creative leaders of this generation.

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